PURC Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Spray Essence 20ml Beard Grow Stimulator Natural Accelerate Hair Growth Oil Facial Hair Grower



Feature: Use: sooner or later each take a small amount of essence in front of the mirror carefully applied to the hair root, if the effect is quick, can be coated 1 to 2 times a day. Under normal circumstances the use of 1 to 2 months hair will be improved, the normal use of the state of a bottle (30ml) available for a month, such as the use of increased area, the use of increased or increased use of the number of times with the use of time to reduce. 99% of people have the effect (another 1% of the people are: skin injuries such as burns, scars, etc. no effect, seeking truth from facts!), As long as you insist on, there will be a surprise, of course, if you want a few days and nights Want to see the effect that is unlikely, and what things should be a process, but also the law of natural growth, unlike the description of the eyebrow, fake beard, a little down on the line, anxious to see the effect of a few days do not shoot (The owner can not help you). Net WT: 30ml Ingredients: galangal, ginseng, roca, polygonum multiflorum, grape seed oil, flowers and other natural ingredients. Note: For the best nutritious hair effect gently massage into the scalp after spraying. Note: 1: pregnant women are prohibited. 2: avoid children to grasp, external use, avoid oral, if into the eyes, please rinse with water. 3: if you are allergic to this product, please stop using it. 4: people with alcohol allergy should use with caution Package Content:1 X Hair Growth Oils
ALL NATURAL, ALL ORGANIC HAIR GROWTH OILS – Stimulates & Nourishes Hair Follicles & Scalp. Designed to Revitalize, Strengthen and Protect -. For Hair Restoration, Stronger, Thicker & Long Lasting Hair
Our Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Essence can effectively prevent hair loss by delivering nutrition to hair root while strengthening the resistance of outside stimulation to make hair thick and shiny.
Our Hair Growth Essence can not only effectively promote hair growth, make hair follicle nourishing and active, but also suppress hair become greasy.
Our Herbal Hair Growth Liquid is a natural and top quality product. Our ingredients come from natural sources and will give you the results that you so much yearn for.
Usage: apply proper amount of this product to the scalp, 1-2 times a day, and gently massage the scalp

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