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Treat your hair to a deeply nourishing and revitalizing experience with the 911 Quinoa Hair Mask. Enriched with Quinoa Extract from Biotop Professional, it moisturizes and nourishes intensively. Regular use promotes great-looking, healthy hair, all thanks to the nourishing benefits of its powerhouse ingredients. Repairs Damage Efficiently with Quinoa Extract The Quinoa Extract in this potent hair mask helps restore dry, damaged hair by repairing it. Its nine essential amino acids strengthen and protect the hair shaft from further damage. Locks in Moisture with Castor Oil. They work harmoniously to retain moisture, keeping your hair adequately moisturized. What’s more, it’s loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 Fatty Acids that assist in treating split ends and breakage. Maintains Health and Lustre with Sunflower Seed Oil Nutrient-dense Sunflower Seed Oil addresses dryness by keeping hair well-nourished and lustrous. In the process, it also supports healthy growth with Vitamin A, E, and B; Protein; Selenium; and more. A reliable source of copper, it helps address gray hair’s cause by imparting and maintaining color. Provides Comprehensive Care for Dry, Damaged Hair To give your hair the best care possible, we use only the finest, natural ingredients without Parabens, Sodium Chloride, and SLS/SLES. We also don’t engage in product trials on animals. Deal with dry, damaged hair head-on with Biotop 911 Quinoa Hair Mask for damaged hair. Order now.
SUPPORTS STRONGER, MORE ELASTIC HAIR – Give your hair the protein-rich treatment it needs with our hair mask. Ideal for salon-treated hair, it owes part of its strengthening powers to the combined benefits of Castor Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil.
REVITALIZES, NOURISHES, AND MOISTURIZES – A dollop of our nutritive hair mask for each use is all it takes to keep dry hair adequately nourished and moisturized. Its revitalizing, active ingredients work intensely into each hair shaft.
MAINTAINS SHINE AND SOFTNESS– Apart from repairing damage and providing reliable protection, this specially formulated Quinoa Hair Mask also helps improve the overall texture and appearance of your hair, making it soft and lustrous.
NO PARABENS, SODIUM CHLORIDE, AND SLS/SLES – Our Quinoa Hair Mask is formulated to provide in-depth care for dry, damaged hair. Besides having no harmful chemicals, our products are made in advanced facilities without involving animal trials.

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