20 Purple Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Color



Iroiro Natural Premium Semi-Permanent Hair Color is the first natural vibrant hair color with natural ingredients. Our new, natural-ingredient-based formulation is free of peroxide, ammonia, PPD, alcohol, and toxic and harsh ingredients, thus helping to ensure damage-free extra conditioning results with brilliant color. Our colors contain natural certified organic coconut oil for extra conditioning, as well as natural preservatives and natural Yuzu-cranberry fragrance. We do not contain following harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients commonly found in many semi-permanent hair colors today: Propylene Glycol (petro chemical used in anti-freeze & brake fluids), Methylisothiazolinone / Methylchloroisothiazolinone (synthetic preservatives named Allergen of the Year in 2013), PEGs (synthetic chemicals classified as a known human carcinogen), Methylparaben (synthetic preservative can act as potential hormone disruptors) and more.
Natural 100% organic coconut oil, natural yuzu-cranberry fragrance and natural preservative.
Iroiro does not contain toxic, petro-based chemicals and synthetic preservatives.
Long lasting, easy-to-apply cream based color with extra conditioning for softer hair.
Easy-to-use and eco-friendly pouch with tamper-proof cap. Available in 4oz and 8oz.

Price: $11.85
(as of Oct 23,2022 13:55:37 UTC – Details)


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